Student Feedback

Anil K.

I had taken the GMAT classes as well as Counselling services from Collegepond, and it was worth every rupee. They make us feel like family. With casual friendly approach they make our tasks easier.The counsellors were absolutely amazing and so competent in their jobs. Right from the CP team who explained the counselling service to Jimeet Sir and Suraj Sir who advised me about my career. You guys made it seem like a walk in the park.

Maninder P.

From university selection to SOPs to financial docs and predeparture, Collegepond Team really standing by your side throughout this journey.The counselor was very smart and had a detailed knowledge about my field of study. The head counsellors Jimeet Sir and Suraj sir are true and empathetic and knows how to handle, guide and channel the students in the right direction.Thank you for all your help, Collegepond! I can vouch that Collegepond’s services were better than any other counsellors.

Rajwardhan S.

Collegepond is one of the best counseling services out there. With all the counselors making sure we always get the best of best.The counsellors provided quality help during my application process with quality SOP drafts, LORs.which helped me to achieve a scholarship from my university. Thanks everyone from Collegepond for not only helping me get admits in my dream universities but also preparing for my future life. Thank you and Godspeed!

Nidhi J.

My overall experience was Excellent with Collegepond. They have a very professional approach and willing to help you as the go the extra mile of conducting all the seminars/webinars,ex student feedback,documentation etc.If it wasn’t for Collegepond, I would have still been dreaming about pursuing MBA abroad. Thank you Collegepond.

Nikita J.

The experience that I had with Collegepond was amazing. I was scared as I had started applying to the universities pretty late, but the staff is super friendly and efficient.It has amazing staff who are always there to clear even my silliest doubts.Thanks for making this long and tedious journey into a smooth one.

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