MBA Counseling

The MBA application process is highly intensive and requires significant planning at the outset. Young professionals planning to pursue a MBA should plan at least 18 months in advance of the enrollment date. The timeline should be as follows:

18 months
– Start GMAT preparation
15-16 months
– Take the GMAT examination
15 months
– Begin Resume Preparation and start evaluating career goals and aspirations
14 months
– Begin B-School Selection process and decide on Round 1 and Round 2 applications
13 months
– Start working on the essays for Round 1 application deadlines
11 months
–Submit applications for Round 1; begin interview preparation process and start working on the essays for Round 2 application deadlines
8-10 months
– Receive responses for Round 1 applications and submit applications for Round 2
6-8 months
– Receive responses for Round 2 applications
4-5 months
– Apply for an I-20 and start looking for roommates and housing; plan travel tickets
3-4 months
– Apply for Visa
5 – 30 days
– Bon Voyage


The counseling process is focused on identifying the salient aspects of an individual that will differentiate him or her from others and then, working with the individual to help him get into his dream school. This is accomplished through numerous interactions with the individual over the course of the application season.

Collegepond’s counseling process begins with understanding the individual through his accomplishments, job roles and responsibilities, and engagements outside the workplace. This is achieved by working closely with the individual to draft a succinct and lucid resume. The Resume aspect of the application process is extremely important as it provides the admission committee with a one-page overview of the applicant.
MBA_Icons_Identification of Goals and Aspirations
Identification of Goals and Aspirations
In many cases, prospective applicants just want to pursue an MBA without having any clarity on the outcome, purpose or objectives. Collegepond focuses on helping applicants streamline their thoughts and identify their short-term and long-term goals. Also, Collegepond works with the student to create a path to help the student achieve the same through essays, resume and interviews.
MBA_Icons_School Selection
School Selection
Having identified the applicant’s goals and aspirations, Collegepond will recommend schools that are aligned with the application’s career objectives and geographic work preferences. In providing recommendations, Collegepond will evaluate the potential of gaining work experience and residency in the foreign country, the return on investment and potential scholarship opportunities
MBA_Icons_Essays and Recommendations
Essays and Recommendations
Essays and recommendations are perhaps the most critical aspect of the application process. Having a strong resume but unable to communicate goals or answer questions posed by the universities will most definitely hamper your chances of securing admission at the school. Collegepond adopts a three-prong approach in assisting applicants with their essays, beginning with ideation followed by editing and then closing it with a quality review by a seasoned professional. This process has done wonders for many applicants, with quite a few securing admissions to the leading MBA schools globally.
MBA_Icons_Interview Preparation
Interview Preparation
Having worked so hard to write essays and then faltering during the interview process is depressing, to say the least. Collegepond ensures that its applicants are well-prepared for the interviews. We continue to conduct multiple round of mock interviews till we are satisfied with the applicant’s responses.
MBA_Icons_Financial Planning
Financial Planning
Collegepond works with student families to ease their financial burdens. We create personalized plans for families to manage expenses. We have tie-ups with: (a) leading lenders that offer unsecured loans for the total cost of tuition and room and boarding expenses; and (b) foreign exchange vendors offering forex travel cards, remittances and cash at deeply discounted rates.
MBA_Icons_VISA Counselling
VISA Counselling
Collegepond brings your dream of studying abroad to fruition by helping you cross the last hurdle with ease and equanimity. We boast of 99% success rate in helping students acquire a student visa. We help students to develop confidence and the ‘right’ body language to sail through the interview process by engaging in multiple mock interviews and preparation of required supporting documentation.
MBA_Icons_Post Landing
Post Landing
Our services continue even after you land by helping you find accommodations, prepare your resume and cover letter, connect with our alumni working at various organizations as well as conduct mock interviews for internships and/or full-time jobs. Our mission is to ensure that our students achieve the objective that they set sail for.

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