Many professionals are taken for granted by their employers as they age in an organization. This could result in slower advancement/recognitions in the corporate hierarchy and/or lower compensation metrics. The 360 program will focus on counseling individuals through the process of assessment, strategizing, and fulfillment.



Collegepond will engage with the professional to understand their motivations and aspirations through a series of meetings. These discussions will focus on trying to identify the underlying elements at play



Collegepond will work with the professional on devising a strategy to tackle the drivers identified above. The strategy could involve a recommendation to stay put at the current workplace and deal with the issues or pursue a lateral shift to another organization.



Once the strategy is agreed upon, Collegepond will work with the professional to ensure that the same is acted upon with a goal to meet the objectives. This could include drafting a resume as well as guiding the individual to meet recruitment agencies, working on interview preparations, etc.

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